Many people talk about how it has been their life's ambition to swim the channel, that wasn't the case with me.  I only learned to swim with my face in the water in 2000, and I wasn't exactly a great swimmer so deciding to attempt the English Channel wasn't the most obvious of choices!

Over the first few years of my swimming career I built up until I had the most amazing year of my life to that date.  In 2005 I swam in the World Masters Games in Edmonton, the European Masters in Stockholm and was then asked to join a friend in an English Channel Relay.  And so it all began.

Had someone told me that in 2016 I would be helping aspiring channel swimmers to achieve their dreams then I would have thought you were off your rocker!  Yet that is exactly what I'm now doing and I love it!

My successful swims include:

English Channel

3 x English Channel Solos

5 x 6 person English Channel Relay

2 x 5 person English Channel Relay

1 x 4 person English Channel Relay

3 x 3 person English Channel Relay



Round Jersey Solo

Jersey to France


Lake Zurich 


  • Saguaro Lake

  • Canyon Lake

  • Apache Lake (part)

  • Roosevelt Lake