People I like to work with

Throughout my time in business and training swimmers I have worked with some phenomenal people. Some of them are academically brilliant, some have an enviable list of achievements, some have determination to die for, and others dream of great things but don’t quite know how to make it all work! Then there are those who have dreamed, prepared and achieved and now find themselves wondering what next, having realised that the big goal was really part of a longer journey - perhaps one that lasts a lifetime.

So, who do I like to work with?

  • Those who have a dream to do something extraordinary in work or in sport but don’t know where to start or how to prepare. We can work together to build a plan. This is where my practical experience and qualifications get put to into practice.

  • Those who have a dream to do something extraordinary but have limiting beliefs that are getting in their way. In these cases I would lend you my belief in you until we remove those unhelpful beliefs, possibly through hypnosis. You’d be surprised who fits into this category - they can already be extremely successful in both work and sport, yet something holds them back.

  • Those who have dreamed and achieved and now want more. You’ve already proved you have the capabilities and determination. Now you just need a little help in resetting your direction. Sometimes it’s planning something different, sometimes it’s something bigger.

  • Finally, those who are held back by ‘stuff’, weighed down by life and just don’t seem to be in control of their own destiny. Often you’ll be extremely determined probably successful in many areas of your life and you have set out to tackle your issue multiple times using your normally powerful willpower and every time you show success, until you fall off the wagon again and go back to square one. In these cases I’d work with you to resolve that part of you that is holding you back - running unhelpful patterns.

So are you ready to take your dreams and make them your future history? Contact me now for more information.

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