Frequently asked question "What is your most common hypnosis session needed for?"

Hypnosis can be used for so many things, you’d think that there wasn’t a common link. But when you step back a bit you see a pattern. Just about everyone I work with has a common problem that they want to overcome and that is feeling that they are not in control of some part of them. Have you ever said “it’s just like some part of me…….. [FILL IN THE BLANKS}.

What that particular ‘part’ is can vary immensely, and yet it's as if some part is stopping them from doing what they know they need to, or want to, do. It could be lacking will power when it comes to dieting or feeling as if they are putting off doing something that they need to do. It could be getting stressed over something that they know logically shouldn't cause the level of stress they are facing or simply a fear or a phobia.

As humans we do all sorts of things pretty automatically - we don’t have to consciously think about every single movement or action. How many activities did you once have to learn very consciously and now can do subconsciously? What about:

  • Tying your shoelaces

  • Driving a car

  • Making a cup of tea

  • Changing channels on the television

  • Walking

  • Swimming

  • The list is endless

If you had to consciously think of every single step in each of those processes, you wouldn’t get very far with anything. Just getting dressed every morning would be enough of a workout.

These automatic routines are ones that are useful for life. The ‘parts’ I mentioned before tend to be automatic routines that aren’t helpful. Maybe buying a bar of chocolate automatically when paying for your petrol when you were going to be so good today. Or the minute you walk into a competition environment and see the officials or banners & equipment and start to feel stressed.

Sometimes these less helpful routines can be caused from a single event, something that happened that you may not even remember, just something that happened that triggered a pattern that you’ve followed ever since. For example, developing a fear or balloons or loud noises following the experience of a balloon bursting in your face when you were a child. Because it’s a subconscious routine, you don’t have to think about it, it’s like the most loyal employee, it turns up and does a fantastic job every single day come rain or shine. Willpower can overcome it for a while but because this is an automatic routine, the moment you let your guard down - wham! - there it goes again!

The thing is, if you look at the root cause of these unhelpful parts, it’s normally there for a positive intent - to keep you safe or make you happy. It’s just got twisted along the way and what’s actually happened is it’s doing the opposite.

So, if you had a brilliant employee that was just doing something that was no longer required, you wouldn’t just sack them, you’d find a way to redeploy them to something that is useful and does fulfil the original intent. THAT is where hypnosis comes in.

Make sense?

What routines do you run every day that are no longer helping you?

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