Hypnosis can be used in many contexts. I specialise in a brief, solution-focused approach. That means that we will focus on problem-solving and your future, rather than counselling, analysis or exploration. The therapy will always have a well defined goal.

I tend to find that most people come to me telling me what they don’t want. I’ll work with you to find out what it is that you do want. You need a well defined goal to know when you have got to where you want to go. If you’re only trying to get away from something it can be tricky to know how far away is far enough!

I can work with you in person from my home in Surrey or Cambridge, and in the summer I have some availability at weekends in Dover. I can also offer online support via Zoom.

Sometimes I seem to be able to help people when nothing else seems to be working, and sometimes our work is done in one session together. Other times of course, there is more for work for us to do. On occasion I cannot help at all. If I do not think I can help you I will let you know and, if I can, refer you to someone who might be able to. Your expectation should be to benefit from the very first session you have with me. Our contact will therefore vary to suit your needs especially if they include ongoing personal development, have long term goals or a list of things you wish to change.

If you wish to swiftly change unwanted behaviours in yourself, gain confidence and motivation, lose your fears and achieve your physical and mental potential then I can show you how.

Leaving Dover Harbour for the start of my 2018 English Channel Solo swim

Leaving Dover Harbour for the start of my 2018 English Channel Solo swim

Endurance Athletes Hypnosis Audio

If you are an endurance athlete, this is for you!

Channel swims, marathons, triathlons and indeed all kinds of long distance events make heavy demands on the participants. A 100 meter sprint is one thing, all over in a few seconds, but to keep going for hours and hours and hours requires deep reserves of strength, stamina and determination.

This Endurance Training Hypnosis recording is there to help you use the power of the unconscious mind to dramatically boost your inner resources to make the most of your training beforehand and to be successful during your long distance event.

The introduction explains the mental and emotional blocks that can get in the way of successful training, and how to deal with the challenges that anyone in training for long distance events will encounter.

Let my voice go with you into a deep state of relaxation where you can allow your mind to take the positive learnings and incorporate them into your training and events. The more you listen to the recording, the more embedded the messages will be.

It’s OK to fall asleep, hypnosis can feel like that. Your unconscious mind, the part I want to talk to, will still hear and understand everything that I say.

Health warning - make sure you are sitting somewhere quiet, where it is appropriate to listen to a hypnotic recording. Do not listen to this whilst driving.

This is my gift to you. Enjoy!

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