Whilst a solo is an individual effort, it’s a lot easier to prepare when you are part of a group. That is why Dover Channel Training is such a great group - like minded people coming together to train together. Dover Channel Training is only there on Saturdays and Sundays though. The idea of the masterclasses is that you have a group around you outside of formal Dover training.

Join a group of up to 12 swimmers who have a private Facebook or WhatsApp group. We’ll also catch up via Zoom for an hour monthly or half an hour fortnightly. These discussions will be a mix of suggested content and also responding to requests from the group. Bring your crew along to relevant sessions (provided they are not solo aspirants in their own right!!).

If you’ve been on a training camp somewhere you may already have a group of swimmers that you’d like to keep in a group like this. Alternatively I can create a group for you. The aim is for between 6 and 12 swimmers.

Your swims will be at different points in the season, so the commitment that I ask for is that you stay with the group until the final swimmer has swum. We are a team!

Price is £50 per swimmer per month