Sporting Qualifications & Experience



My sports coaching qualifications are extensive and varied and include:

  • Level 2 Open Water Coach (STA)

  • Level 2 Powerboat (RYA)

  • RLSS Beach Lifeguard

  • I have also held coaching qualifications in Trampolining, Diving, Lacrosse and Football

Complimentary therapy qualifications:

  • Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

  • NLP Coach

  • Master Practitioner of Time Line Therapy

  • Hypnotist

As well as obtaining qualifications I have attended additional courses to further my knowledge

I’m also a Chartered Management Accountant and hold an MBA from Henley Management College.



I’ve run Dover Channel Training since 2016. Each year I train 300+ swimmers, the vast majority of whom are successful. People train with me for a variety of reasons including the following and solo swims:

  • English Channel

  • Catalina Channel

  • North Channel

  • Windermere

  • Lake Zurich

  • 20 Bridges

  • A variety of 5k and 10k swims

  • And many, many more

People also train for the best reason of all - just for fun!

My experience comes from the variety of people that I have trained who come to me with extensive experience or no experience at all. It also comes from my own personal sporting experience. You can find out more about my open water experience in Emma’s Adventures.

I have experienced success and defeat and I have helped others pick up the pieces when it all goes wrong and also go on to success.

I have been where you have been!


Corporate Qualifications & Experience

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My LinkedIn profile is a good place to find out more about my corporate qualifications and experience.

By profession I am an accountant (Chartered Management Accountant) and I hold an MBA from Henley Management College.

Along the way I have collected other qualifications such as Chartered Manager, Chartered Public Finance Accountant, Managing Successful Programmes



I have extensive corporate experience in FTSE 10 companies, FTSE 250 companies and in public sector.

My background is as an accountant and I have held a variety of traditional finance roles, from trainee accountant through to Financial Controller and Head of Finance.

My most recent experience is in Finance Transformation which requires me to be able to analyse issues to identify root causes and plan and manage significant change.

A bit like helping individuals understand the root causes of their personal challenges. I can help individuals with their career aspirations and I can help companies transform their business.

Companies I have worked for include AstraZeneca, GSK and Serco.