Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.

~ Bobby Unser ~

Training for a BIG swim?

For many people, the training offered by Dover Channel Training is all you need in order to train for a big swim event. Some people find that they need some additional support. This could be if you are brand new to the sport and would like some help to unpick all the conflicting advice that you may receive or you may want someone to keep in touch will to maintain some personal accountability throughout your training.

Some people have already started a big swim and know that they need some additional support, perhaps they were unsuccessful and need help to work through the issues they faced. Perhaps they were successful and are planning bigger events and already know where they need extra support, often this is on the mental preparation aspects.

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They say that swimming the channel is 80% mental

and 20% everything else. The visible 20% covers many things including training.

Dover training is mainly focused on the physical aspects of preparation, touching on the hidden 80%.


The invisible 80% is what gets you through training and to the start of your swim and then keeps you going to the finish.

Some examples of mental preparation include:

  • Removing fears and limiting beliefs

  • Creating a peak performance state at will

My aim is to support your mental preparation, and provide holistic guidance and direction for the visible 20% as well as the vital yet hidden 80%.

Use the decision tree to see what support you might want.

Decision tree

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Example packages

Things do not change, we change

Henry David Thoreau


It is essential to understand that I will support you to make the changes that you want. Ultimately, it is you that make the changes and I will hold you accountable for the actions that we agree.


Whilst this has been structured towards an English Channel solo or equivalent, packages can be created for different sporting events, these are likely to focus on the mental preparation aspects.