Lake Zurich 6th August 2017

I attempted Lake Zurich in 2009.  I had changed my feeding regime from my 2007 English Channel attempt and whilst that had worked in training, on the day it became a problem, a BIG problem.  The stomach cramps were unbelievable and for about 6 hours I couldn't take on anything, not even water.  I slowed down so much that whilst I made the first cut-off target, I didn't make the finish at the 12 hour mark and was pulled from the race.  It's probably just as well I was exhausted (literally) and passed out on train on the way back to the hotel.

For 8 years this has been on my mind.  I had unfinished business.  i done swims that are harder since then, but I wanted to finish this, get the medal, the flower garland and the goodie bag.  It generally takes 3 years to get in and this time was no exception.  This was going to be my year.

We watched the weather forecast in the week leading up to the event and it didn't look good.  There were thunderstorms in the forecast and rain pretty much the whole time we were there.  This did improve and all days except race day became hot and sunny.  The thunderstorms were still hanging around in the forecast and it looked set to be a chilly (compared to other days), overcast and rainy day - oh joy!

2017-08-03 09.58.11.png

Weather Forecast

Wet and chilly