17th June 2007: Dover Training

There seems to be a bit of a theme forming - I never seem to feel like I've done enough!!  Maybe that's just the way it will be until the swim.  Pool training is becoming less and less attractive, with the only exception being club training.  Dragging myself out of bed to swim alone is tough - although the opportunity to do drills, pull or kick is always welcome.

I went to Heron Lake once this week.  It's much warmer than Dover, and always very amusing to see the triathletes in their wetsuits struggling with to get in due to the cold!

Only one day in Dover this weekend due to other commitments, and having missed last weekend and yesterday, I had braced myself for a 6 or 7 hour swim.  The set in the end was only 4 hours, however there is always a twist - today's one was only one feed at two hours.  Given that I always struggle with the first two hours, to have two of them was not an appealing thought.  Furthermore the conditions were not good - very choppy and windy.  I had cramp in both calves for the second two hours felt sick from drinking too much salt water, had a headache and lower back pain - other than that it was absolutely fine!!

Speaking to Freda afterwards she warned that next week will be very tough - I dread to think what she has planned!

Greasing up

Greasing up