3rd June 2007: Dover Training

We had an extra session in Dover this week as we had the Bank Holiday Monday.  I told Freda that I was still struggling with the cold and asked if I could have additional feeds, but in her absolute wisdom she declined and pointed out that I needed to feel the pain - quite right!  I was excused with a 3 hour set rather than 3.5 hours and I managed it and finished knowing that I really could have done 3.5 hours.  I distracted myself during the swim by singing 'Onward Christian Soldiers'; 'Jerusalem'; and songs from Joseph.  They all have a good beat for swimming, but will do my head in - I need to get a larger repertoire.  I also need to learn to sing them in my head rather than hum - it really messes up the breathing and lets way too much salt water in!

I was really tired all week following the long weekend. I dropped most of my sessions in order to recover. Saturday saw the first time I feel like I've actually done the task set - 4 hours. It felt good, water had warm and cold patches, but I was totally in control the whole way through. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Sunday was a different story.  It was very foggy, cold and miserable.  I just didn't want to be there!  I tried getting out at 1:40, no real reason, a bit cold, just didn't want to be there. Freda 'encouraged' me to swim to the wall and back and we'd then talk again. I had a feed, wasn't convinced I could do the full 5 hours. But with some great encouragement from the beach during the feeds I just kept swimming from feed to feed.  I know now that it was just demons, none of it was real.  It does emphasise the need for some serious mental training as well.