August 2007: Time for a break

Following on from my failed attempt at the Channel on 4th August I flew to Florida for a fantastic holiday with my family.  It also gave me the time to get over the emotion of the day and to piece together what had happened, or more importantly what could be done differently next time.

When we came back I took a trip down to Dover to have a chat with the General.  I was more than a little nervous, but I needn't have been.  She was fabulous.  Her first words after welcoming me back from the holiday were 'don't give up the dream'.  That on it's own gave me the confidence to dare to believe that maybe, just maybe, it was worth another shot.  So when Freda asked me what I was thinking of doing, I said how about giving it another go in 2009?  She agreed and went on to suggest that if I did Windermere in 2008 I would definitely be ready in 2009.

Freda has even gone on to speak with Tanya and ask if I can join her team trip to Windermere in July rather than doing the BLDSA swim - much cheaper.  So it seems the future is set.

The first part of the plan is to take a couple of months off to allow my shoulder time to heal, then to spend the winter doing speed work.

So, I'm taking a break.........…..